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  NFHS test


If you haven’t done so already, it is time to take the annual NFHS refresher test for boys lacrosse, accessed thru USLacrosse.  This should be done before the March 3 meeting at Bridgewater State Uiversity.  It MUST be done March 11 in order to be assigned games for 2019 season.

The good news, the test is now only 50 questions.  Once completed, you need do nothing else.  We will monitor completion without you doing anything.

Access to the test:

If you haven’t visited the USLacrosse website this year, you will first need to “Login”.   www.uslacrosse.org or use the Central Hub link from your Arbiter account.  See slides 2-4 on the PowerPoint presentation posted on the testing tab of the website, www.emloa.org 

As part of your registration, you must designate Eastern Mass Lacrosse Officials Association as your group.  See slides 5-8 on the same PowerPoint.  This is a MUST in order for your results to be available for tracking purposes.

Now, you are ready to access and take the test.  Slides 9 and on will help you in this process.  If you get to a point and are being asked to pay for the exam ($50.00) you have done something wrong and will either need to backtrack or reach out to USLacrosse for assistance.

EMLOA.org has the test posted, and there are 2 sets of instructions to assist you,  similar to the attached just broken apart.  See the Testing tab. 

Strongly suggest printing a blank answer sheet to use as you take the test.  Format is different from past years as you get two chances to answer correctly and rule references are listed as well.  Take your time.   And best to do all of this from a computer, not your smartphone.

If you have already taken the exam, please check the compliance page on EMLOA.org     If you are not checked off, you have not registered EMLOA as your designated officiating group, and you need to complete the same process as above, slides 5-8.   Compliance page is current as of today, 3/15/18.

Please do the best you can to complete all of the above and utilize USLacrosse as the resource if you have issues.  This is what we all pay $55 annually for, and the changes to the process all originated from them.  These “improvements” need your attention.  Once you get to the test, you should find it better than past years.  You just need to get there.

 We have over 400 members.  Do the best you can.  

Doug – Compliance Director    EMLOA

Doug Davenport

7 Oak St.

Medfield, Ma.  02052

H  508-359-4655

C  508-561-3523




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