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EMLOA Schools and Assigners

Schools are listed alphabetically. Assigners noted to the right.

Note: Some schools may have multiple assigners - Varsity has one assigner, Sub-varsity may have a different assigner, so make sure you check the Level (middle column).


Team Name Level Assigner
Abington Var/JV Maguire
Acton Boxboro VarJV/FR Hill
Algonquin VarJV/FR Benson
AMSA Charter Var/JV Benson
Andover VarJV/FR Hill
Applewild MS Benson
Apponequet Var/JV Tighe
Archbishop Williams Var/JV Tighe
Arlington VarJV/FR Hill
Arlington Catholic VarJV/FR Tighe
Ashland Var/JV Benson
Assabet Valley Reg. Var/JV Benson
Attleboro Var/JV Benson
Auburn Var/JV Benson
Austin Prep VarJV/FR Condon
B B & N JV/MS Benson
B B & N Var Maguire
B.C. High VarJV/FR Tighe
Bancroft Var/JV/MS Benson
Barnstable VarJV/FR Maguire
Beaver Country Day VarJV/MS Condon
Bedford Var/JV Hill
Bellingham Var Benson
Belmont  Var/JV Hill
Belmont Day School MS Tighe
Belmont Hill JV/FR/MS Benson
Belmont Hill Var Maguire
Beverly Var/JV/FR Condon
Bigelow  MS MS Benson
Billerica Var/JV/FR Hill
Bishop Connolly Var Tighe
Bishop Feehan Var/JV Benson
Bishop Fenwick JV Condon
Bishop Fenwick Var Condon
Bishop Stang JV Benson
Bishop Stang Var Benson
Blackstone Valley JV Benson
Blackstone Valley Var Benson
Blue Hills Regional JV Tighe
Blue Hills Regional Var Tighe
Boston Latin JV Hill
Boston Latin Var Hill
Boston Trinity Var Tighe
Bourne JV Tighe
Bourne Var Tighe
Braintree Fresh Benson
Braintree JV Benson
Braintree Var Benson
Bridgewater-Raynham HS JV Tighe
Bridgewater-Raynham HS Var Tighe
Brimmer & May Var Tighe
Bristol Plymouth JV Tighe
Bristol-Plymouth HS Var Tighe
Brockton HS Club JV Benson
Bromfield School JV Benson
Bromfield School Var Benson
Brookline Fresh Benson
Brookline JV Benson
Brookline Var Benson
Brooks JV Condon
Brooks Var Maguire
Brookwood JV Condon
Brookwood Var Condon
Brown MS 8th Benson
Burlington JV Hill
Burlington Var Hill
Cambridge R&L JV Hill
Cambridge R&L Var Hill
Canton JV Benson
Canton Var Benson
Cape Cod Academy 4th  
Cape Cod Academy JV  
Cape Cod Academy Var  
Cape Cod Tech JV Tighe
Cape Cod Tech Var Tighe
Cardinal Spellman Fresh Tighe
Cardinal Spellman JV Tighe
Cardinal Spellman Var Tighe
Carroll MS Benson
Carroll School 4th Benson
Carroll School JV Benson
Carroll School Var Benson
Catholic Memorial 4th Tighe
Catholic Memorial Fresh Tighe
Catholic Memorial JV Tighe
Catholic Memorial Var Tighe
Central Catholic Fresh Hill
Central Catholic JV Hill
Central Catholic Var Hill
Chapel Hill JV Tighe
Chapel Hill Var Tighe
Charles River MS Benson
Charlestown JV  
Charlestown Var  
Chelmsford Fresh Hill
Chelmsford JV Hill
Chelmsford Var Hill
Chelmsford JV B JV Hill
Cohasset Fresh Maguire
Cohasset JV Maguire
Cohasset Var Maguire
Community Charter JV  
Community Charter of Cambridge Var  
Concord Academy JV Benson
Concord Academy Var Benson
Concord-Carlisle Fresh Hill
Concord-Carlisle JV Hill
Concord-Carlisle Var Hill
Danvers Fresh Condon
Danvers JV Condon
Danvers Var Condon
Dartmouth JV Tighe
Dartmouth Var Tighe
Day  M.S. 8th Benson
Dedham JV Benson
Dedham Var Benson
Dedham Country Day 3rd Tighe
Dedham Country Day 4th Tighe
Deighton-Rehoboth Regional JV Tighe
Deighton-Rehoboth Regional Var Tighe
Dennis-Yarmouth JV Maguire
Dennis-Yarmouth Var Maguire
Dennis-Yarmouth Fresh Fresh Maguire
Derby 3rd Tighe
Derby 4th  
Derby 8th  
Derby JV B  
Derby Var B  
Dexter  School Var Benson
Dexter School 3rd Benson
Dexter School 4th Benson
Dexter School MS Benson
Dover-Sherborn Fresh Benson
Dover-Sherborn JV Benson
Dover-Sherborn Var Benson
Dracut JV Hill
Dracut Var Hill
Duxbury Fresh Maguire
Duxbury JV Maguire
Duxbury Var Maguire
East Bridgewater Fresh Maguire
East Bridgewater JV Maguire
East Bridgewater HS Var Maguire
Essex Technical JV Condon
Essex Technical Var Condon
Everett JV Condon
Everett Var Condon
Exeter Academy JV Condon
Exeter Academy Var Condon
Fairhaven JV Tighe
Fairhaven Var Tighe
Falmouth JV Maguire
Falmouth Var Maguire
Falmouth Academy 3rd Tighe
Falmouth Academy 4th Tighe
Falmouth Academy JV Tighe
Falmouth Academy Var Tighe
Fay 3rd, MS Benson
Fenn School 4th Hill
Fenn School Var Hill
Fessenden JV A Benson
Fessenden JV B Benson
Fessenden Gray JV B Benson
Fessenden Gray Var B Benson
Fessenden Red JV B Benson
Fessenden Red Var B Benson
Fessenden Var A Var Benson
Fessenden Var B Var B Benson
Fitchburg Fresh Benson
Fitchburg JV Benson
Fitchburg Var Benson
Foxborough JV Benson
Foxborough Var Benson
Framingham Fresh Benson
Framingham JV Benson
Framingham Var Benson
Franklin HS Var/JV Benson
Friend's Academy 3rd Tighe
Friend's Academy 4th Tighe
Gann Academy Var/JV Tighe
Georgetown Var/JV Condon
Glen Urquhart Var/JV Condon
Gloucester Var/JV Condon
Governor's Academy Var/JV Condon
Grafton Var/JV Benson
Greater Lowell Voke Var/JV Condon
Greater New Bedford Voke Var/JV Tighe
Groton School JV Benson
Groton School Var Maguire
Groton-Dunstable Var/JV Benson
Ham Wen Var/JV Condon
Hanover Var/JV Maguire
Haverhill Var/JV Hill
Hillside 3rd Benson
Hillside JV Benson
Hillside Var/JV Benson
Hingham Var/JV/FR Maguire
Holliston Var/JV/FR Benson
Holy Name Var/JV Benson
Hopedale Var/JV Benson
Hopkinton Fresh Benson
Hopkinton Var/JV Benson
Hudson Var/JV Benson
Hull Var/JV Maguire
Ipswich Var/JV Condon
King Philip Var/JV Benson
Landmark Var/JV Condon
Lawrence Academy 3rd Benson
Lawrence Academy JV Benson
Lawrence Academy Var Maguire
Leicester JV Benson
Leominster Fresh Benson
Leominster JV Benson
Leominster Var Benson
Lexington Fresh Hill
Lexington JV Hill
Lexington Var Hill
Lexington Christian 8th Benson
Lexington Christian JV Benson
Lexington Christian Var Benson
Lincoln Middle School 8th Benson
Lincoln-Sudbury Fresh Hill
Lincoln-Sudbury JV Hill
Lincoln-Sudbury Var Hill
Littleton JV Benson
Littleton Var Benson
Lowell Fresh Hill
Lowell JV Hill
Lowell Var Hill
Lowell Catholic JV Condon
Lowell Catholic Var Condon
Lunenburg Fresh Benson
Lunenburg JV Benson
Lunenburg Var Benson
Lynn Classical/English JV Condon
Lynn Classical/English Var Condon
Lynn Tech JV Condon
Lynn Tech Var Condon
Lynnfield JV Condon
Lynnfield Var Condon
Malden JV Condon
Malden Var Condon
Malden Catholic Fresh Tighe
Malden Catholic JV Tighe
Malden Catholic Var Tighe
Manchester Essex JV Condon
Manchester Essex Var Condon
Mansfield Fresh Benson
Mansfield JV Benson
Mansfield Var Benson
Marblehead JV Condon
Marblehead Var Condon
Marian JV Benson
Marian Var Benson
Marlborough Fresh Benson
Marlborough JV Benson
Marlborough Var Benson
Marshfield Fresh Maguire
Marshfield JV Maguire
Marshfield Var Maguire
Marshfield JV-B JV Maguire
Martha's Vineyard JV Benson
Martha's Vineyard Var Benson
Masconomet JV Condon
Masconomet Var Condon
Mashpee JV Maguire
Mashpee Var Maguire
Matignon JV Tighe
Matignon Var Tighe
Meadowbrook MS Benson
Medfield Fresh Benson
Medfield JV Benson
Medfield Var Benson
Medford Fresh Condon
Medford JV Condon
Medford Var Condon
Medway Fresh Benson
Medway JV Benson
Medway Var Benson
Melrose JV Hill
Melrose Var Hill
Methuen JV Hill
Methuen Var Hill
Metro Lacrosse JV Tighe
Metro Lacrosse Var Tighe
Middleborough Fresh Maguire
Middleborough JV Maguire
Middleborough Var Maguire
Middlesex 3rd Benson
Middlesex JV Benson
Middlesex Var Maguire
Milford Fresh Benson
Milford JV Benson
Milford Var Benson
Milton Fresh Benson
Milton JV Benson
Milton Var Benson
Milton Academy 3rd Tighe
Milton Academy 4th Tighe
Milton Academy JV Tighe
Milton Academy Var Maguire
Minuteman Regional JV Condon
Minuteman Regional Var Condon
Monomoy Fresh Tighe
Monomoy HS JV Tighe
Monomoy HS Var Tighe
Monty Tech JV Benson
Monty Tech Var Benson
Mystic Valley JV Condon
Mystic Valley Var Condon
Nantucket JV Tighe
Nantucket Var Tighe
Nashoba Reg'l JV Benson
Nashoba Reg'l Var Benson
Nashoba Valley Tech JV Condon
Nashoba Valley Tech Var Condon
Natick Fresh Benson
Natick JV Benson
Natick Var Benson
Nativity Prep 4th Tighe
Nauset JV Maguire
Nauset Var/JV Maguire
Needham Fresh Benson
Needham JV Benson
Needham Var/JV Benson
Needham JV B JV B Benson
New Bedford JV Tighe
New Bedford Var/JV Tighe
Newburyport JV Condon
Newburyport Var/JV Condon
Newman School Var Tighe
Newton - Oak Hill MS 8th Benson
Newton North Fresh Benson
Newton North JV Benson
Newton North Var/JV Benson
Newton South Fresh Hill
Newton South JV Hill
Newton South Var/JV Hill
Nipmuc JV Benson
Nipmuc Var/JV Benson
Noble&Greenough JV/MS Tighe
Noble&Greenough Var Maguire
North Andover Fresh Hill
North Andover JV Hill
North Andover Var/JV Hill
North Attleboro JV Benson
North Attleboro Var/JV Benson
North Middlesex JV Benson
North Middlesex Var/JV Benson
North Quincy JV Maguire
North Quincy Var/JV Maguire
North Reading JV Condon
North Reading Var/JV Condon
Northbridge JV Benson
Northbridge Var/JV Benson
Northeast Regional JV Condon
Northeast Regional Var/JV Condon
Norton HS JV Benson
Norton HS Var/JV Benson
Norwell Fresh Maguire
Norwell JV Maguire
Norwell Var/JV Maguire
Norwood Fresh Benson
Norwood JV Benson
Norwood Var/JV Benson
Oak Hill 8th Benson
Oak Hill JV A Benson
Oakmont Reg'l JV Benson
Oakmont Reg'l Var/JV Benson
Old Colony Reg Vok/Tech HS Var/JV Maguire
Old Colony Regional JV Maguire
Old Rochester Regional HS JV Tighe
Old Rochester Regional HS Var/JV Tighe
Oliver Ames Fresh Benson
Oliver Ames Var/JV Benson
Park Var/MS Tighe
Peabody Var/JV Condon
Pembroke Var/JV Maguire
Pentucket Var/JV Condon
Phillips Academy Var/JV/FR/MS Condon
Pike Var/JV/FR/MS Condon
Pingree Var/JV/FR/MS Condon
Plymouth North Var/JV Maguire
Plymouth South Var/JV Maguire
Pope John XXIII Var/JV Condon
Quincy Var/JV Maguire
Reading Var/JV/FR Hill
Revere Var/JV Condon
Rivers JV/MS Benson
Rivers Var Maguire
Rockland Var/JV Maguire
Roxbury Latin JV/MS Tighe
Roxbury Latin Var Maguire
Sabis Charter JV  
Sacred Heart Var/JV Tighe
Saint John Paul II Var/JV Maguire
Salem Var/JV Condon
Sandwich Var/JV/FR Maguire
Saugus Var/JV Condon
Scituate Var/JV/FR Maguire
Shady Hill MS Tighe
Sharon Var/JV Benson
Shawsheen Var/JV Condon
Shepherd Hill Var/JV Benson
Shore CD Var/JV/MS Condon
Shrewsbury Var/JV Benson
Silver Lake Var/JV Maguire
Sizer (formerly North Central Charter) JV Benson
South Shore Voke Tech Var/JV Tighe
Southeastern Regional Var/JV Tighe
St. Bernard's Var/JV Benson
St. George's Var/JV Maguire
St. John's Prep Var/JV/FR/MS Condon
St. John's Shrewsbury Var/JV/FR Benson
St. Mark's JV Benson
St. Mark's Var Maguire
St. Mary's-Lynn Var/JV Condon
St. Paul's Var/JV Maguire
St. Peter's - Marian Var/JV Benson
St. Sebastian's JV/MS Tighe
St. Sebastian's Var Maguire
Stoneham Var/JV Hill
Stoughton Var/JV Benson
Sturgis Charter East Var/JV Tighe
Sturgis Charter West Var/JV Tighe
Swampscott Var/JV Condon
Tabor Var/JV Maguire
Tantasqua Reg'l Var/JV Benson
Taunton Var/JV Benson
Tewksbury Var/JV Hill
Thayer JV/MS Tighe
Thayer Var Maguire
Tower Var/JV Condon
Tri-County Reg. Var/JV Benson
Trinity Academy Var Tighe
Triton Var/JV Condon
Tyngsboro Var/JV Benson
Upper Cape Regional Var/JV Maguire
Wachusett Var/JV Benson
Wakefield Var/JV/FR Hill
Walpole Var/JV/FR Benson
Waltham Var/JV/FR Hill
Waring Var/JV Condon
Watertown Var/JV Hill
Wayland Var/JV/FR Hill
Wellesley Var/JV/FR Benson
Westborough Var/JV Benson
Westford Academy Var/JV/FR Hill
Weston Var/JV/FR Hill
Westwood Var/JV/FR Benson
Weymouth Var/JV/FR Benson
Whitman-Hanson Var/JV Maguire
Whittier Reg'l Voke Var/JV Condon
Wilmington Var/JV/FR Hill
Winchendon Var Benson
Winchester Var/JV/FR Hill
Winthrop Var/JV Condon
Woburn Var/JV Hill
Worcester Var Benson
Worcester Acad Var/JV/FR/MS Benson
Xaverian Var/JV/FR/MS Tighe



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