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2020 NCAA Rule Changes


The only change of note to the 2020 NCAA rules is the introduction of the Gaolmouth.

The following are the new rules from 2019.

Major Rules Changes       Rule Description                                                    Page(s)

1-10 Substitution area adjusted to be 10 yards wide                                  10, 12

2-12 Shot clock operator shall have back-up device                                       23

4-6-g Clear redefined as advancing the ball into the offensive half              33

4-15 All possession 80-second shot clock procedures added                      40

4-16-a Procedures for advancing the ball into the offensive half added      41

4-16-b Over and back rules adjusted for new shot clock                                41

4-21 Goal crease prohibitions adjusted for attacking players                       45

6-5-a Definition of screening adjusted for clarity                                             62


2020 NCAA Points of Emphasis

Head Coach Pregame Meeting

• Head coach is required to meet with officials 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the game (Rule 2-7)


Team Conduct/Decorum Pregame and Postgame

• Player behavior during pregame warm-ups is a concern in some cases

• Committee established a 5-yard buffer on either side of the midline as a neutral area during pregame

• Coaches are asked to monitor and discuss sportsmanship issues with their teams; image of the sport is at risk

• Postgame, coaches shall be cognizant of teams crossing at the end of the game, which can create issues


Substitution Box Procedures

• With the rules change, the box itself is 10-yards wide

• A coach/imminent substitution area is established between the substitution box and the team area

• This area is only for coaching and for players who are about to substitute Imminent substitution occurs when the exiting player is within 10 yards of the substitution box. The exiting player has the right of way.



• The overriding principle is for both players to play the ball

• Clamping is allowed on the initial move only; anything more is withholding the ball from play.

• The use of the helmet during the faceoff is a serious concern. The game officials will be asked to determine any potential violation when helmet to helmet contact occurs.

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