2017 Registration Procedures

Just as we did in 2016, we will have two payment options for you to pay your 2017 dues. You can either:
a) PAY ONLINE with a credit card or via your PayPal account. The online payment process went very well in 2016 and quite a few members chose that option.
b) PAY BY CHECK. See information below.
Regardless of which method you choose, there are 3 STEPS that ALL EMLOA MEMBERS MUST DO to complete the process:
    1) REGISTRATION - by completing this step, you are indicating to us that you plan to officiate in 2017.
    2) VERIFICATION - this step confirms that we have your most up-to-date contact information
    3) PAYMENT- this step allows you to pay your dues online immediately with a credit card or Pay Pal OR you can pay later with a check OR you can go back to the link and pay later with a credit card
   a) Every current member of EMLOA MUST register if you plan to officiate in 2017. You will receive an email from support@emloadues.org within the next few hours that will have a link to a secure registration page, a temporary password and registration instructions. You can only access the registration process from the link in the email so make sure you save the email. YOU HAVE ONE MONTH TO REGISTER BEFORE YOUR TEMPORARY PASSWORD EXPIRES.
   b) Click on the link and go to the registration page. If that doesn’t work, cut and paste the link into your browser and hit Enter. The browser will take you to your unique registration page. Enter your temporary password and follow the instructions to create a permanent password. Once you successfully complete that step, WRITE DOWN THE PERMANENT PASSWORD AND KEEP IT HANDY SO YOU DON’T FORGET IT. My suggestion is that you use the same password as you have for Arbiter.
   c) There is a process to create a new password if you do lose it or forget it.
   a) Review your contact information that is displayed on the Verification page. It should be the same as the information in Arbiter. New members from 2016 should enter their most up to date information both on this page and your Arbiter profile page.
   b) Make any changes that are required and submit the changes
   a) If you want to pay your dues immediately using a credit card or using your Pay Pal account, follow the instructions on the page to do so. Once you have successfully made a payment, you will get an email from the credit card processing service with a Transaction ID. Save this email so that, if a problem occurs, we can reference that transaction number and date.
   b) If you want to pay by check or other method, select Pay Later. The check payments are handled directly through the EMLOA Treasurer.  Checks or money orders should be made out to EMLOA in the amount of $85 and mailed to:
                EMLOA c/o Dave Pinciaro
                8 Central St.    Suite 101
                Topsfield, MA    01983-1837

   c) If you made your payment immediately, you are registered and ready to go for the 2016 season. If you chose the pay later option, you are registered but you won’t be ready to go until your dues have been received.
   d) REMINDER – Dues must be in by February 1, 2017 or you will be subject to a late fee!
There is a page on the EMLOA website that provides more detailed information relating to the Registration, Verification and Payment processes. Go to www.emloa.org/registration  for more information.
If you have any difficulty with any of the processes, email me at dbenson1@comcast.net

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's will be added as they come in. 12/29/2016

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