Members Information
Members Information

EMLOA Compliance Complete      2023                                                          

Phase 1 compliance requirements

Most up to date info below

ledger of abreviations

  • Meeting locations  C-Cape (Bourne)  M-Marlboro  D-Dedham  W-Woburn
  • Dues    O-On line payment    C-payment by check  V-Venmo   LOA-leave of absence (inactive)       
  • MIAA & USLax   X-icon visible in Arbiter     blank-no icon visible
  • points     must accumulate 7        a-reported absence

Compliance Roster updated 6/1/23   

Information should be complete.  If you have descreptanices email Doug Davenport  potatochip@verizon.net  


Compliance report complete for 2023.  No points available for social attendance. 


2023 compliance complete roster first.xl[...]
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