Members Information
Members Information

EMLOA Compliance Complete      2021                                                           

Phase 1 compliance requirements


2021 season meetings will all be virtual via GoToMeeting.  

Schedule and details to follow




Most up to date info below

ledger of abreviations

  • Meeting locations  c-Cape (Bourne)  s-Shrewsbury  d-Dedham  w-Woburn
  • Dues    OL-On line payment    C-payment by check  pd-2018 new candidates LOA-leave of absence (inactive)       ?  not visible icon in Arbiter
  • points     must accumulate 7        a-reported absence
Complete 2021 Roster with Dues Status April 11, 2021
first roster 2021 for first website post[...]
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2021 compliance roster, Aprill 11

Name email member since meeting location DUES 2021 MIAA US Lax Test
Abbate, Paul Paul.Abbate@ipsos.com 2016 D OL      
Abruzzese, Tom thomas.abruzzese@massmail.state.ma.us 2011 W C      
Achorn, Mark metachorn@comcast.net 2003 W OL      
Afarian, Gregory gregpma@aol.com 2016 W OL      
Albrecht, Bob rdalbrecht61@gmail.com 2014 W OL      
Allen, Ray rayallen82@hotmail.com 2020 W LOA      
Almy, Rob ralmy3@yahoo.com 1970 W OL      
Altieri, Peter peter.altieri8@gmail.com 2018 S OL-C      
Anderson, Bruce       bruceanderson2004@yahoo.com 1988 D C      
Anderson, Scott shanders72751@gmail.com 2010 S OL      
Andrews, Stephen sradrews@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Araujo, Sandro  sandroflyusa@gmail.com 2020          
Armstrong, Bill wfarmstrong111@gmail.com 2012 C C      
Arouca, Chris chrisarouca@hotmail.com 2008 D OL      
Arouca, Jack jack.arouca@aig.com 2002 C C      
Azor, Irving irving.azor@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Balcher, Stephen   Balchersteve@gmail.com 2021 S 85      
Banks, Jacob jacobbanks487@gmail.com 2020 S W      
Barrett, Patrick pcps100@msn.com 2016 W LOA      
Barros, Alexander barros1968@hotmail.com 2008 D        
Bass, Brent brentjbassesq@gmail.com 2019 D OL      
Bean, Hal halbean1980@gmail.com 2014 D        
Beaudoin, Richard ricbo10@hotmail.com 2016 W LOA      
Bellini, joshua joshua.bellini@gmail.com 2011 W yes      
Belliveau, Scott s.bell62@comcast.net 1998 D OL      
Benci, Andrew andrew.benci@gmail.com 2021   135      
Benson, Darrell W. dbenson1@comcast.net 1998 D PD      
Benson, Eric bensone@gmail.com 2014 D PD      
Berardi, Steve steveberardi@comcast.net 1992 D C      
Berger, Chris  christopher.berger@scranton.edu 2021a S 85      
Beriau, Bernie brberiau@comcast.net 1998 C OL      
Bielecki, Rich rbielecki@live.com 2013 D OL      
Bissanti, Michael mbissanti@comcast.net 2016 D        
Blane III, Alex a.blane@comcast.net 2014 W OL      
Boehm, Arthur arthurboehm@charter.net 2013 S OL      
Borgonzi, Eugene gborg50@aol.com 2013 W LOA      
Botelho, Mark markbotelho52@comcast.net 2019 C LOA      
Boucher, Brian brianboucher93@gmail.com 2019 W OL      
Bowman, Marc bowmanmarc4@gmail.com 2006 C OL      
Bracken, Tom chestnut28@aol.com 1973 W OL      
Bradley, Michael mjbradley@charter.net 2013 S OL      
Bragg, Kevin bragg.kevin27@gmail.com 2021   transfer      
Brandt, Edward edward.brandt@gmail.com 2019 W OL      
Brassard, Beau  bbrassard13@gmail.com 2021 S        
Braun, Kyle kylebraun87@gmail.com 2019 W out      
Breslin, Gregory boomah1950@gmail.com 2020 W W      
Brewin, William wbrewin@aol.com 2011 S C      
Briggs, John johnnydb02@gmail.com 2021   45      
Britto, Eric Ebritto10@Gmail.com 2018 C LOA      
Brock, Jonathan jonathanbrock@comcast.net 2013 D OL      
Brosseau, Robert robertgbrousseau@gmail.com 2016 D        
Brothers, Dan coachbrothers@gmail.com 2006 W OL      
Brown, Robert bbrown@distron.com 2016 D        
Bruni, Peter pjbruni@comcast.net 1999 W C      
Bryant, Connor connorbryant1099@gmail.com 2020A W W      
Bryant,Bill bbryant22@comcast.net 2019 W OL      
Buckley, David buckmarlin@comcast.net 2020 D W      
Bull, Stephen stephenbull35@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Burke, Charles chuckgburke21@gmail.com 2020 W W      
Burke, Connor cburke4@une.edu 2017 W no      
Burke, Patrick pburke@arlington.k12.ma.us.   2020 D W      
Burke, Peter Peter.g.burke91@gmail.com 2021 D uslax      
Burks, Bill Skyking995@aol.com 2007 D OL      
Burson, Tim  t20burson@gmail.com 2021a          
Cabral, Clint cabral2110@comcast.net 2016 C OL      
Caceres, Jay  jasoncaceres38@gmail.com 2021 W        
Calcagno, Jay jaycalcagno@gmail.com 2020 W OL      
Campbell, Eric campbelle22@gmail.com 2016 W OL      
Cann, Charles Mouse21317@yahoo.com 2018 W        
Cann, Jack Tubroke2002@yahoo.com   W        
Canning, Mark markcanning19@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Cao, Sihao sihao.cao@gmail.com 2016 S LOA      
Capalbo, Peter playlax@cox.net 1992 D OL      
Carboneau, Jim carblaxref@aol.com 1975 S        
Carroll, Ed  ecarroll31@gmail.com 2020 C        
Carty, Brendan zebrablu@aol.com 2017 D        
Castellone, Nick  ncastellone@verizon.net 2019 S LOA      
Castrataro, Jim castrataro@babson.edu 2010 S        
Castro, Andres andres_e_castro_f@yahoo.com 2021   135      
Catalano, Rick rjcatalano1@gmail.com 2003 D OL      
Chaves, Stephen stephenchaves3@gmail.com 2019 D        
Chin, Scot scotchin4565@yahoo.com 2007 S OL      
Chinian, Sarkis r2b17@comcast.net 2006 D OL      
Cinquegrano, Paul paulcinq@gmail.com 2002 D OL      
Clark*, Jeff jeffreyclrk1@gmail.com 2012 S LOA      
Cole, Roland rolandscole24@gmail.com 2007 D C      
Condon, Roy Condon_Lacrosse@hotmail.com 1971 D OL      
Conforto, Bruce bconforto@live.com 2002 D OL      
Connor, James conlanac@gmail.com 2018 W        
Connor, Tim tconnor@mail.smcvt.edu 2019 W        
Conti, David tconti325@comcast.net 2019 W LOA      
Conwell, Ryan ryanconwell@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Cooksey, Martin martycooksey@yahoo.com 2015 W out      
Copithorne, Jonathan jonathan.copithorne@gmail.com 2021 W 135      
Corcoran, Donald donaldcorcoran@rocketmail.com 2018 W OL      
Cordani, Tony cordani4@aol.com 2002 S C      
Corvelo, Alfred acorvelo@aol.com 2000 C C      
Costa, David dcosta1644@gmail.com 2019 C OL      
Costello, James jimmycost@hotmail.com 2018 D OL      
Costin, Richard richardcostin@yahoo.com 2002 W C      
Cotter, Bernie blaym20_99@yahoo.com 2014 D        
Cotter, William billcotter@netzero.net 2018 D out      
Cousin, Chris ccousin94@yahoo.com 2017 W        
Coutu, Steven   Coutu4@gmail.com 2020 W C      
Crane, Brendan bgcrane@gmail.com 2015 W OL      
Crawford, Bruce crawflag@gmail.com            
Crimmin, Brett brettso@gmail.com 2001 W LOA      
Crimmin, Stephen spcrimmin@gmail.com 2001 W LOA      
Croft, Stephen scroft23@yahoo.com 2020 S W      
Croteau, Matthew me_croteau@yahoo.com 1998 C LOA      
Curren, Jake jcurren90@gmail.com 2019 D        
Daly, Liam  ltdaly19@gmail.com 2020A S        
Daly, Paul TAZDALY@COMCAST.NET 2018 W OL      
Daly, Paul A pdaly@derbyacademy.org 2012 C LOA      
Daly, Ryan  dalyrg@bc.edu 2020A S        
Daly, Trevor trevor_daly@yahoo.com 2020 W OL      
Damish, Dan badanno@hotmail.com 2019 C OL      
Darrigo, Peter pdarrigo@tkasphalt.com 2014 W        
Dasilva, Sam  bobcatlazerman@gmail.com 2021 D 45      
Davenport, Doug potatochip@verizon.net 2006 S OL      
Davis. Pete peterdavis41@comcast.net 2020 D W      
Decelle, Robert bobdec215@aol.com 2016 D        
DeGirolamo, Mark markdegirolamo@msn.com 2019 C out      
Deleaver, Rodney  deleaverr@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Dennis, Glade gdennisster@gmail.com 2018 S        
Derderian, Steve  steveder26@gmail.com 2021          
Derderian, Steven steveder@hotmail.com 2012 S OL      
Deroo, Ross ross.deroo@yahoo.com 2021   85      
D'Errico, Rock rockmd2002@yahoo.com 2006 W        
Devellis, Brian Brian_DeVellis@student.uml.edu 2016 W        
Devellis, Paul Paulbdevellis@gmail.com 2012 W        
DiFiore, Dana danadifiore@gmail.com 2006 W        
DiMarzio, Tom theoldman@norwoodlight.com 2004 D out      
DiPaolo, Steve sadipaolo@comcast.net 2008 C        
Dobrusin, Colby colbydobrusin@gmail.com 2018 W OL      
Doherty, Edward ejdoherty3@gmail.com 2019 S out      
Doherty, Steve steve.doherty@flintgrp.com 2017 C OL      
Doherty, William doherty.william@gmail.com 2007 D OL      
Doherty, William wdohe51184@comcast.net 2021 D C      
Donahue, Gary gdonahue86@gmail.com 2018 W OL      
Donahue, Mike mikdon978@gmail.com 2008 W OL      
Donato, Vinny vincentdonato1019@gmail.com 1999 S        
Donnelly, Michael michael.donnelly4@yahoo.com 2013 W C      
Donovan, Connor  conjdonovan@umass.edu 2021a   85      
Dooley, John jhdref53@yahoo.com 2003 C OL      
dosSantos, David  david.dossantos@usps.gov 2021 C C      
Dowling, Doug snow_leopardd@yahoo.com 2018 W OL      
Doyle, Fran fpdoylelax@hotmail.com 1984 D C      
Drago, Charles Turkey444t@yahoo.com 2021 W        
Dragon, Patrick patrickjdragon@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Dreher, Michael mike.dreher1108@gmail.com 2021   85      
Dubzinski, Mike Mike_dubzinski@wrsd.net 2014 S OL      
Dupont, Charles cdupont@assabet.org 2016 S        
Dupont, Terick terick.dupont@gmail.com            
Dupre-Estime, Tommy tdupre9@hotmail.com 2018 S        
Durant, Dan dapper824@aol.com 2007 W OL      
Egan, Tim tim.egan126@gmail.com 2016 D LOA      
Eighmey, Thomas teighmey@stjohnsprep.org 2017 W        
Ellison, Dave derellison@comcast.net 1982 C OL      
Etienne, Jeff jeffetienne3850@gmail.com 2017 D pd      
Euglow, Joshua euglow8@yahoo.com 2011 S OL      
Evangelista, Dominic  dmevangelista50@gmail.com 2019 D        
Evangelista, Robert brat16@comcast.net 2016 D OL      
Ewell, Nate newell@collegehockeyinc.com 1996 S OL      
Fagan, Charles (Chip) cbfagan7@gmail.com 2009 D C      
Fahey, Steve irish8264@verizon.net 2020 W LOA/W      
Faradie, Anthony anthony.faradie@gmail.com 2020 W W      
Faretra, Joel jfaretra67@gmail.com 2019 W OL      
Farragher, Joseph joefarragher@verizon.net 2005 W C      
Fellini, Peter p_fellini@hotmail.com 2007 D OL      
Ferguson, William fergietheref@yahoo.com 1995 D OL      
Feroce, Jeff jferoce@gmail.com 2010 C LOA      
Feronti, Keller   klfer@icloud.com 2021          
Ferreira, Jacob jacob.ferreira@yahoo.com 2019 D        
Ferreira, Luke lukeferreira23@gmail.com 2013 W OL      
Finamore, Lenny highflags@hotmail.com 1985 D OL      
Flagg, Paul paulf41@msn.com 2006 S C      
Flynn, Joe  jflynn9800@gmail.com 2019 W LOA      
Flynn, Ryan rflynn01@verizon.net 2014 W OL      
Foley, Brian brfoley26@gmail.com 2019 S        
Forker, keith k.forker@comcast.net 2000 C LOA      
Franco, Miguel mfrancape@comcast.net 2013 C        
Franzen, Derek derek.franzen@yahoo.com 2010 D OL      
Freisen, Chris  chris.freisen@gmail.com 2019 W OL      
Freitas, MIke mlfreitas@mmm.com 2006 S OL      
Froman, Mike fromanm39@gmail.com 2019 D LOA      
Froman, Scott sjrmfroman@hotmail.com 2013 C LOA      
Gagnon, Tom tom_gagnon@milton.edu 2002 D OL      
Gallagher, John jgags86@yahoo.com 2012 W OL      
Galofaro,  Jason  galoputo10@aol.com 2019 S        
Garcia, Savanah savanahg@bu.edu 2021a   135      
Garrett, Erle s garrett.erle@gmail.com 2010 D        
Gates, Casey cgates8289@gmail.com 2019 S OL      
Gear, Shaun shaun.gear@diversey.com 2013 D OL      
Genecco, Timothy tgenecco@actpt.com 2010 C OL      
George, Tedi georget811@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Giacalone, Nathan giacalone93@gmail.com 2017 W OL      
Giblin, Tom giblin.law@verizon.net 2005 S OL      
Giffune, Paul pgiffune@hotmail.com 2006 D        
Gilligan, Kevin kevinfgilligan@gmail.com 1990 W OL      
Gillis, Sammy sammygillis5@gmail.com 2021a          
Giusti, Mark markjgiusti@gmail.com 2010 S        
Glennon, Michael glennonm3@gmail.com 2018 D LOA      
Gogonis, Evan emgogonis@gmail.com 2020 W W      
Goguen, Adam adamgoguen108@gmail.com 2020A S W      
Goldman, Stephen sgoldman@mit.edu 2014 W OL      
Grant, Richard rgrant@alangray.com 2010 C OL      
Gravlin, Patrick patrick.gravlin@gmail.com 2020R W        
Graziano, Mike teamj5@gmail.com 1996 W OL      
Greene, Joe joegreene5897@yahoo.com 2019 W        
Gribaudo, Kevin kevin.gribaudo@gmail.com 2013 D OL      
Gribbons, Timothy Gribbons.tim@gmail.com 2012 S OL      
Grillone, Ralph ralphgrillone@yahoo.com 2020 C W      
Grossman, Andy andrewbartgrossman@gmail.com 2000 D OL      
Grosso, Vincent vcgrosso98@yahoo.com 2019 D        
Gulino, Sal gulinojn@yahoo.com 2009 D        
Halesworth, Peter peter.halesworth@gmail.com 2019 C        
Hallamore, Kent kent.hallamore@gmail.com 2018 D LOA      
Hamovit, Lloyd Hamovit@GMail.com 1985 W out      
Hanafin, Christopher christopher.hanafin@gmail.com 2016 W out      
Hanafin, Dan  danhan022@yahoo.com 2012 W OL      
Hanafin, James jhanafinbr2018@gmail.com 2021   85      
Hannon, Mike mkhannon@hotmail.com 1999 D OL      
Haraden, Tim tim.haraden@gmail.com 2014 W OL      
Harrington, Sean seanharrington35@gmail.com 2014 D        
Harris, Jason jason.harris@umb.edu 2021a   ?      
Harrison, Brian briantharrison@gmail.com 2013 W OL      
Harrison, Huntley hharrison3@me.com 2000 C OL      
Hastings, Sam  SHastings@shawmut.com 2021   NH transfer      
Haywood, Jeff jshaywood32@gmail.com 2021          
Hemmert, Timothy Timothy.Hemmert@bcbsma.com 2020 D W      
Hennigan, Matt matthennigan22@gmail.com 2021 W        
Heritage, Brad  Bradley.heritage@gmail.com 2019 W OL      
Higgins, Scott scotthigs67@gmail.com 2019 W        
Hill Jr, John E. E jhillplym@gmail.com 2006 C OL      
Hill, John Patrick zlaxref06@gmail.com 1975 D        
Hill, Patrick patrick.c.hill@gmail.com 2002          
Hokanson, Mike hokie2@comcast.net 2011 D OL      
Holman, Rashad  rashadholman@yahoo.com 2021          
Hooker, Alan amhassoc8@comcast.net 2014 W OL      
Hooker, Eric EricHooker1005@gmail.com 2016 W        
Horkan, Martin mhorkan@yahoo.com 2016 W OL      
Horrigan, Jay jayhorrigan@gmail.com 2013 D C-OL      
Howell, Julie    Jahowell13@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Hubbard, Peter pbjh@townisp.com 2013 S OL      
Hughes, Jay jhughes@mortgagenetwork.com 2017 W OL      
Hughes, Max maxh570@gmail.com  2019 W        
Hurley, Paul phurlz31@gmail.com 2012 C OL      
Hyde, Edward wardoed12@gmail.com 2010 W OL      
Iannacci, Michael mikeiannacci@yahoo.com 2017 W OL      
Ikier, Chris ika694@comcast.net 2014 D yes      
Ikier, Dakota dakota.ikier@gmail.com 2019 W OL      
Iliopulos, Nikolaos nikosiliopulos@yahoo.com 2014 W OL      
Izzo, Jon izparty05@comcast.net 1996 W C      
Izzo, Sam sam.izzo1717@gmail.com 2021a W        
Izzo, Ted ted.izzo23@gmail.com 2016 W C      
Jackson, Peter peter.jackson1@verizon.net 2012 W OL      
Jacoby, Adam adam@adamjacoby.com 2013 D OL      
Jakola,Adam adamjakola@gmail.com 2016 S C      
Jamerson, Eric e2jam27@gmail.com 2020 S W      
Jarry, Chip (Paul) cjarry@charter.net 2000 S LOA      
Jenkins, Livingston   ljenkins88@icloud.com 2020 S W      
Johns, Jacob jacobjohns690@gmail.com 2014 W OL      
Johnson, Patrick  Pj69ny@comcast.net 2020 D W      
Jollimore, Rick  jolli87@comcast.net 2021 S C      
Jutras, Marshall marshall_jutras@yahoo.com 2020 W W      
Kantor, Rich rich_kantor@hotmail.com 2009 D        
Keane, Daniel dmk90@comcast.net 2017 C OL      
Keating, Shawn shawnmkeat@yahoo.com 1995 S C      
Kelley, Bob  kelley5215@comcast.net 2020 D W      
Kelly, Dan Dkelly98@aol.com 2001 W OL      
Kelly, John jkelly7628@comcast.net 2000 D OL      
Kelly, Mike mike.kelly7241@gmail.com 2018 S LOA      
Kelly, Steve spkelly22@comcast.net 2009 C        
Kerastaris,  Charles southernkross@juno.com 2016 W LOA      
Kidik, Kenneth kenneth.kidik@lowellgeneral.org 2008 W OL      
Kim, Tae tkim77@verizon.net 2019 W C      
Kinchla, Chris ckinchla@comcast.net 1974 S        
Kiriakos, Christian christian.kiriakos@bmc.org 2018 W        
Kitterick, Devin dkitterick23@gmail.com 2012 D OL      
Kitterick, Tom kittet@earthlink.net 2004 D OL      
Kittredge, Ryan   ryguykitt@yahoo.com 2021          
Klim, Andrew drew159x@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Ko, Jae jkoref@gmail.com 2004 W LOA      
Kotchian, Mark mkotchian@comcast.net 2019 W        
Kraft, Will Rams12351@aol.com 2006 W out      
Kundzicz, Mark skatemansports@verizon.net 2005 D OL      
Labute, Mike mikelabute@yahoo.com 2010 C OL      
Laffin, Kyle laffin.kyle@gmail.com 2017 C LOA      
Lamson, Matt mlamson77@gmail.com 2012 D LOA      
Lane, George georgelane99@icloud.com 2005 W OL      
Lapham, Ryan ryanlapham59@yahoo.com 2020 D W      
Lavey, Jeff laveylaw@verizon.net 2020 W W      
Leahy, Stephen sleahy@rcn.com 1996 W C      
Leaver, Mark mtleaver@gmail.com 2018 D        
Lenane, Brian brian@petrocelliadjusters.com 2000 D        
Lenane, Mike lenanemike@yahoo.com 2016 D        
Lester, Booker bosst26@gmail.com 2013 S LOA      
Levasseur, Bill bill@americansheetmetal.net 2008 W OL      
Libby, Brian blibby0702@verizon.net 2016 S        
Lilly, Gavin gavin.lilly25@gmail.com 2020A W W      
Linehan, David lenny369@ymail.com 2008 D        
Lisiecki, Peter p.s.lisiecki@gmail.com 2000 D OL      
Lynch, Gary glynch@united-mech.com 2020 D W      
Lynch, Kevin* kevinlynch19@gmail.com 2017 D LOA      
MacCormack, Ed edzomatic56@yahoo.com 2005 C LOA      
MacCune, Jeffrey  jmaccune@beld.net 2020 D OL      
MacDonald, Mark macdonaldm2828@gmail.com 2017 W LOA      
Mach, Christopher cjmach@optonline.net 2017 W OL      
Machado, Larry inferno140lm@yahoo.com 2016 C LOA      
Maggiacomo, John johnmaggiacomo@danvers.org 2010 W OL      
Maguire, Bob prkrmaguire@rcn.com 1973 C OL      
Malloy, Tom CHUMKID@msn.com 2021 C        
Malloy, Tom  CHUMKID@msn.com 2021R C LOA      
Manca, Peter petermanca3@gmail.com 2019 D LOA      
Manning, Mike mimanning@live.com 2008 D OL      
Marini, Marcus mmarini@comcast.net 2020 W OL      
Marks, Matthew matthew.marks9@gmail.com 2011 D        
Martin, Melvin melmarster@gmail.com 2012 W OL      
Maselli, Ralph ralph_j_maselli@hotmail.com 2012 D OL      
Mauceri, Ron ronmauceri7@gmail.com 2018 W OL      
McAdams, Aidan  aidanmcadams@gmail.com 2021          
McAuliffe, Tom laxftbl4me@gmail.com 2013 S OL      
McCaffrey, Tim timmccaffrey@yahoo.com 2003 W C      
McCarthy, James* jamesgmccarthy@gmail.com 2019 S        
McComiskey, Jim      jimbhp@yahoo.com 2019 W OL      
McCray, Ty tymccray23@gmail.com 2020 D W      
McCusker, Joe joe.mccusker@verizon.net 2017 D LOA      
McDermott, Jim mcdermott.james@comcast.net 2011 D LOA      
McDonagh, Sean sean.mcdonagh3158@gmail.com 2014 D OL      
McDonald, Kevin mcdonaldkt@comcast.net 2013 D LOA      
McDonald, Timothy mcdonaldta@comcast.net 2009 D LOA      
McDonnell, Craig mcdonnelcraig_j@hotmail.com            
McKay, Brian bmckay5988@gmail.com 2020 C W      
McKee, Melvin mrmckee017@gmail.com 2017 S C      
McKenizie, Dexter dexter.h.mckenzie@gmail.com 2009 W LOA      
McKenna, Richard Richardjmckenna@yahoo.com 2021          
McLean, Cliff McLean06@gmail.com 2017 W LOA      
McMahon, Blaine   blainemcmahonuml@gmail.com 2021          
McPartland, Kevin McPartlK@GMail.com 2015 W OL      
McQuoid, Kyle kmcquoid617@gmail.com 2016 S OL      
Medina, Nestor strikerdiego@comcast.net     OL      
Melaugh, Ben benmelaugh@me.com 2014 W        
Melaugh, Edmund mmelaugh@comcast.net 2012 W OL      
Mickunas, Skyler  skyler.mickunas@guardsquare.com 2021   45      
Miller, Bradley ajbradm@verizon.net 2019 D OL      
Miller, Connor connormiller174@gmail.com 2020 D        
Miller, Rusty rsjt.miller@verizon.net 2015 D OL      
Mills, Jethro jetjomills@rcn.com 1985 D C      
Minichiello, Robert rminref@gmail.com 2003 W C      
Moeckel, Jarrod  jmoeckel52@gmail.com 2020A S W      
Moore, Phillip pmoore@asrsd.org 2020 S LOA      
Moran, Rick rickamoran@hotmail.com 2010 D LOA      
Morgan, Christian thechristian.morgan@gmail.com 2017 S OL      
Moseley, Eric ontheone77@rocketmail.com 2019 D LOA      
Moss, Thomas thomasmoss@charter.net 2017 S OL      
Muff, Bruce bruce.j.muff@gmail.com 2008 S LOA      
Mundele, Julien Julien.mundele@gmail.com 2017 D LOA      
Munroe, Daniel dmunroe@achs.net 2018 W LOA      
Murphy, Colin usmarine1814@yahoo.com 2019 W        
Murphy, Greg gamurph23@gmail.com 2018 D OL      
Murphy, Mark murphymarkp@gmail.com 2016 W LOA      
Murphy, Paul pmurphy417@aol.com 1986 D        
Murphy, Peter pmurphy1897@gmail.com 2018 D LOA      
Murphy, Sean refmurph@comcast.net 1997 W OL      
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Murray, Jason jmurray263@msn.com 2018 D W      
Murray, John jcmurray@aol.com 2012 W pd      
Murray, Thomas  tommurray@capecodcondos.com 2021 C        
Nash, Bob Robert.nash56@gmail.com 1999 D C      
Natterstad, Greg greg.natterstad3@verizon.net 2014 D OL      
Noonan, Evan evannoonan15@gmail.com 2020a W PD      
Noonan, Mathew matthewjnoonan@gmail.com 2019 W OL      
Noonan, Paul pnoonan@yahoo.com 2016 W OL      
Norkunas, Stan attyswn@msn.com 1993 W        
O'Brien, Jack Jackobrien364@yahoo.com 2020 D W      
Offit, Andrew asoffit@gmail.com 2010 D OL      
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Panici, Phil  paniciphil@yahoo.com 2020 W W      
Paolella, Mike mikepao49@gmail.com 2008 C        
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Perez, Carlos cperez122055@gmail.com 2019 S LOA      
Perez, Wigberto bertowig@yahoo.com 2002 S OL      
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Perry, Donald ub91@aol.com 2003 S LOA      
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Peterson, Scott sepete5@gmail.com 2020 D W      
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Piatelli, Jim jamesgpiatelli@gmail.com 2015 D pd      
Pierce, Timothy tmp27@aol.com 2001 W LOA      
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Pollard, Steven stevenpollard@live.com 2017 D LOA      
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Rae, Edmund raebehan@verizon.net 2004 D C      
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Reed, Chris crtaurus136@gmail.com 2016 C C      
Reed, Douglas douglasjreed@gmail.com 2019 W C      
Reed, Matthew matred33@yahoo.com 1993 S C      
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Righini, Mark Reggie21165@aim.com 2010 D C      
Riley, Paul  jr.1092@hotmail.com 2020 W W      
Rivera, Tony tonyjrivera@comcast.net 2020 S W      
Rodriguez, Eddie  eddierodriguez100@yahoo.com 2019 D OL      
Rogan, James JRogan031@Gmail.com 2016 W OL      
Roman, Anthony anthonyromanlaxmen@gmail.com 2018 D OL      
Rooney, Jack jack.d.rooney@outlook.com 2019 D        
Rourke, Jim jimrourkebc011@aol.com 2000 D C      
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Rusconi, Jim  jrsportsoff@hotmail.com 2021   135      
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Saraiva, Roger roger.saraiva@verizon.net 2017 C OL      
Savoie, Joseph jps@northerncapital.com 2020 W OL      
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Seero, Dana Dana.Seero@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Senra, David dsenra@me.com 2021          
Serino, Thomas Serino6@comcast.net 2006 W out      
Shaw, Chris cpshaw18@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Sherman, Jefferey jeff.sherman@mtu-online.com 2017 C LOA      
Shiels, Daniel danshiels@verizon.net 2015 D OL      
Siefert, Jon jsiefert56@gmail.com 2009 C OL      
Siggers, David siggalo@comcast.net 2020 D W      
Siggers, David siggalo@comcast.net 2021          
Simbliaris, Christopher csibbs@juno.com 2019  W OL      
Sisak, Steve steve.sisak@gmail.com 2017 D OL      
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Smaila, Serge smailas108@yahoo.com 2006 W C      
Smith, Daniel smitda@verizon.net 2006 S OL      
Sokol, Rob robsoks8@comcast.net 2017 W OL      
Spellman, Neil neilspel01@gmail.com 2018 S C      
Sprowl, Bob  bsprowl70@comcast.net 2019 C OL      
Spry, Jason jspryc21@yahoo.com 2016 D        
Stamatov, John** jstamatov@yahoo.com 2019 D        
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Stead, Loren ls15@aol.com 2019 D OL      
Stec, Fred dracut42@Aol.com 2005 W C      
Stefanakos, Theo grotonpizza@msn.com 2013 S OL      
Steinsaltz, Steven steinsaltz@jhu.edu 1998 S OL      
Stewart, Bill wdstewart01@yahoo.com 2018 W OL      
Sudduth, Robert rsudduth@comcast.net 2013 C OL      
Sullivan, Dan dan.sullivan5@verizon.net 2012 W        
Sundberg, Erick eks505472@aol.com 2008 C OL      
Supraner, Jordan** jsupraner@gmail.com 2019 W C      
Swarts, Tim Tim.swarts@wolterskluwer.com 2013 W OL      
Swenson, Kevin kswenson5020@gmail.com 2018 W        
Szczesny, Jeff rover1107@comcast.net 2018 D LOA      
Talbot, Michael mtalbot6866@gmail.com 2019 C OL      
Talmo, John jtal10@aol.com 1998 D        
Tarlin, Mike mtarlin@comcast.net 2019 D LOA      
Tarpey, Fran tarpeyf@aol.com 1985 S OL      
Tarpey, Steve starpey@umassd.edu 2020 S W      
Tattan, Shane shane_tattan@msn.com 2008 D C      
Tavares, Rick tavares22@comcast.net 2012 W LOA      
Thalmann, Rich rthalmann8279@gmail.com 2009 S OL      
Thielker, Robert thumps727@yahoo.com 2000 D        
Thompson, John jvthompson18@gmail.com 2017 W OL      
Thornby, Ken  thornbyken@gmail.com 2021          
Thornby, Kenneth thornbyk@comcast.net 2021 D C      
Tighe, Jim tighecarver@yahoo.com 1970 C C      
Tobin, Cole cole.tobin87@gmail.com 2020A C W      
Tobin, Ned Neddyt52@gmail.com 2010 D C      
Tonelli, Peter pjtonelli@rfsdelivers.com 2012 D OL      
Tsouvalas, John jptsouvalas@gmail.com 2013 W OL      
Tully, Mark  Nmtully5@verizon.net 2020 D OL      
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Turner, Alec aturner3@bryant.edu 2020A   W      
Twogood, AJ  ajtwogood@gmail.com 2020 W W      
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Vahey, Ed edvahey@gmail.com 2020 D W      
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Villanueva, Nicholas  nickvillanueva15@gmail.com 2021 D us lax      
Vivian, Jeff Bartlax47@gmail.com 2019 C        
Walker, Adam adam.c.walker2014@gmail.com 2021          
Wall, Kevin krwall4@gmail.com 2020 S W      
Walsh, Mike mcw10@comcast.net 2020 D W      
Ward, John  (JD) jward4914@yahoo.com 2007 S no      
Weber, Chris chweberlax@comcast.net 2013 D OL      
Weeman, David dwee711@comcast.net 2013 D LOA      
Weld, Bill bill.weld@pepsico.com 2018 S OL      
Westgate, Ronald ronnie.westgate@gmail.com 2013 W OL      
Whidden, Chris Whidden_Chris@mybps.us 2020 C W      
White, Christopher chris.white2@comcast.net 2017 W OL      
Whittemore, Todd toddwhit19@comcast.net 2019 C LOA      
Wilkinson, Jim Jpwilk4@comcast.net 2015 W LOA      
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Williams, James jimbadil@gmail.com 2018 D LOA      
Wilmarth, Rich  Wlmrths@comcast.net 2020 S W      
Witherbee, Andrew awitherbee11@gmail.com 2015 W LOA      
Wong, Randall wachuyouthlax@aol.com 2002 S OL      
Wright, Jay jwright53@verizon.net 2000 D OL      
Wright, Jeffjeff jeff.wright1@comcast.net 2012 C OL      
Yamaguchi, Yuhgo yuhgoy@yahoo.com 2004 D OL      
Yardemian, Raffi raffiyard@gmail.com 2021          
Young, David icedy18@gmail.com 2020 D W      
Zacher, Chris  Czacher@ccnne.com 2021 C        
Zanella, Vinny vzanella@verizon.net 2017 S OL      
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