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Members Information

EMLOA Mentor Program




Mentoring Coordinator                Ron Westgate       ronnie.westgate@gmail.com

Regional Directors

·Shrewsbury                  Peter Hubbard
·Cape                Steve Dipaolo      Tom Patton
·Dedham                  Mike Manning      Derek Franzen
·Woburn              George Lane    Ed Melaugh


Volunteers are needed to mentor our new members from the candidates’ classes of 2020 and 2021.  You simply need to be available to our new members to answer questions, steer them to assigners, help them get games, and observe and work with them if logistics allow.

If you know a “newbie” you are a perfect match, and vice versa.  Other than that, the directors will match people up.  Best if we can get one current member per newbie, but multiples are possible as well.

The onus of the success of this program is on the “newbies”.  They need to be the ones reaching out with questions, reviewing situations as they arise, and simply wanting the help to become successful lacrosse officials.  Contact Ron Westgate ronnie.westgate@gmail.com  or Doug Davenport potatochip@verizon.net 

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