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Members Information

Becoming a Boys Lacrosse Official


We are looking for boys’ lacrosse officials for the 2021 season.

Interested candidates should contact Doug Davenport at


For new candidates for the 2021 season, our training classes will all be virtual

We will use GoToMeeting which we have used with positive results for 2 years.

Final plans and dates are being formulated.

Send contact info to above email and we will be in touch.

Look for updates here as well.


Classes run from 6:30-8:30   

Cost: $135 which includes year’s dues (if season is cancelled, dues {$85} for 2022 will be waived)

On field training clinics will be available in the spring, prior to season


Training qualifies candidates to officiate boys’ high school and boys’ youth lacrosse.


                    Don’t hesitate to join EMLOA – register today!                   

Website  emloa.org     newlaxref@gmail.com

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