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Members Information
We look forward to the 2021 Boys and Youth Lacrosse season. Associate Officials Classes.

2021 ASSOCIATE OFFICIALS PROGRAM         Nomination, Registration and Training

 Associate Officials Nomination Process

We want to maximize the officiating opportunities for the successful AO candidates. The nomination process is designed to ensure that the AO’s get on the local Town program’s radar for assignments. By having the local Town AO Contact nominate the AO’s for the training, we know that they will be in the queue for assignments. There is some flexibility with the nomination process – we will accept candidates without a formal nomination from a town, but we make them aware that we cannot provide any degree of assurance that they will get assignments.

Nominations will start on January 15, 2021. The deadline for Nominations is February 17, 2021. This will accomodate towns that may get a late start on the process. 

Please forward your nominees to either your Regional Referee Coordinator (listed below) or directly to me at dbenson1@comcast.net  .

Registration Process

The first group of AO Nominees will be contacted on January 15, 2021. These are the returning AO's from 2020 who will need re-certication. They will be given instructions for Registration in the 2021 program and for enrolling in one of the mandatory certification classes. This part of the process will run from JANUARY 15 to FEBRUARY 17, 2021. The Registration fee will be the same as it was in 2020, $45 per candidate. Payment options include online (eCheck or credit card) or by check.

Class Signups

Registered candidates will be asked to select from one of the initial 15 class offerings. The class dates and times will be posted on the Enrollment page with the Enrollment form http://emloa.org/associate-officials/class-enrollment/ .

Once the candidate signs up, he will get a confirmation note for their class along with a pre-training package including classroom materials and a pre-test.


Once the NEW candidate completes the classroom training and testing, he/she will enter into the Mentoring phase of the training. Upon successful completion of the Mentoring and Evaluation phase, the candidate will become a fully certified Associate Official.  

Note that returning AO's do not have to repeat the Mentoring process.


Associate Official Evaluation Form 2020
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