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Members Information
2021 Regular Season On Track For Early April. Stay Tuned as Details Emerge
2021 Associate Officials Program Underway - Nominations Being Accepted -

The Eastern Massachusetts Lacrosse Officials Association (EMLOA) provides officiating services for all levels of Men's and Boy's lacrosse. The primary territory for delivering our services includes leagues and schools located throughout Eastern and Central Massachusetts.



NOTE: The information below pertains to the EMLOA adult officials. High School aged Associate officials have a separate page for payments.

2021 EMLOA Dues are $85. Due to the loss of our 2020 spring High School and Youth Boy’s Lacrosse season, members are being offered a $40 credit towards their 2021 dues.

Read the following carefully – it looks complicated but it is really quite simple.


PAYMENT AMOUNT OPTIONS - After having discussions with many of our members, we are going to offer two payment amount options for 2021 EMLOA Dues:

- OPTION 1 Members can choose to pay the full amount of $85. The first $45 will go towards 2021 EMLOA Dues. EMLOA will allocate the remaining $40 to a fund that will support fellow members who have experienced financial hardships as a result of the pandemic.

- OPTION 2 Members can choose to pay the discounted rate of $45 to satisfy their 2021 Dues requirement.  


REMINDER - Late fee of $25 will apply after March 13, 2021.

Dues and late fees must be paid in full by March 27, 2020 or you will lose the first two weeks of your schedule!!


As in years past, EMLOA will allow you to pay your Annual Dues either by check or online. Hopefully, we can also get the Venmo payment option up and running soon.

The online system will allow you to pay with either a credit card or by electronic check. The online system is very simple to use and is streamlined for a quicker online experience.


PAY EMLOA DUES BY CHECK - The check payments are handled directly through the EMLOA Treasurer.  Checks or money orders should be made out to EMLOA in the amount of $85 or $45 and mailed to:
EMLOA c/o Dave Pinciaro
                8 Central St.    Suite 101
                Topsfield, MA    01983-1837


PAY EMLOA DUES ONLINE - You can pay online by clicking on the button below. You will be taken to the authorize.net secure checkout page - enter the Security Code and click Continue. You will be given the option of paying with a credit card or by an electronic check. Fill in your billing information and your email address and submit your transaction. (Note that your shipping info is the same as billing info, so just check the box and info will populate.). Once you complete your transaction, you will see a receipt page - you may print that for your records if you so desire. You will also get an email receipt so make sure you enter your correct email address!


NOTE: If you are trying to pay using Google Chrome (phone or PC), you may experience a problem with the Pay Now button (two officials have said the button doesn't appear in the Chrome browser). In that case, either launch a Microsoft Edge browser or an Internet Explorer browser window and pay or you can always pay by check.


Send any questions or concerns pertaining to the EMLOA 2021 Dues policy to




updates regularly - added January 23, 2021




If you'd like to become a Lacrosse Official in 2021,  email newlaxref@gmail.com     We will respond  with information on Training and Certification. Click on the "Become a Ref" tab above for more information.

If you are a current member of the 2021 EMLOA New Candidates class and you want to pay by check, see information above for paying by check. Remember, amount is $135.

If you are a current member of the 2021 EMLOA New Candidates class and you want to pay online, click on the button below (2021 New Cand $135).  




The 2021 Associate Official Training Program is currently underway. To access ALL pertinent information relating to the AO program, click here - Associate Officials Page  or click on the Associate Officials link on the menu at the top of this page. You will find information on the following topics:

AO Certification and Recertification Process including Nomination Process, Registration Process, Remote Training Classes and Testing, Mentoring and Evaluations/Observations

AO Pay Rates and Coverage


PAY ASSOCIATE OFFICIALS REGISTRATION/DUES - Information for paying your 2021 Associate Officials Registration/Dues is available at the Associate Officials page Registration and Payment


NFHS and NCAA Rules changes for 2021 will be available on Members Page by January 31, 2021.                                 

Log on to the Members Page to get the most recent update on new rules, new procedures and material for weekly meetings.

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